Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Located on high land that views Mt. St. Helens, the Mount Pleasant Cemetery has several death dates from the late 1870's. It was legally surveyed for a cemetery in 1886, and in 1969 it became a part of Cemetery District #6...more

Rose Valley Cemetery

According to a great grand-daughter, John Choate donated the first land for this cemetery in 1865. The old section of the cemetery has many unmarked graves and is no longer used. It is thought that there are over 200 burials on the site. In 1969...more

Voight Family Cemetery

According to Book 26, page 86, of land records at the Cowlitz County Court House, on September 29, William Voight (Voigt) bought some land up the Kalama River Road. William and his wife Amelia were buried on their land upon their deaths...more